What is raw footage and MusicEra policy

At a time where consumer technology is freely available to anyone we are occasionally being asked to provide the raw footage of the productions we undertake. Source footage -raw footage- is not aimed at the consumer, as the consumer software for video editing and consumer computers cannot process it normally.

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Why do artists need a manager 

Musicians, bands, solo artist, choreographers and dancers, painters, sculptures, fashion designers are some of the people within the creative sphere; all of them starting to promote their art on their own at first. While this is very exciting, it usually ends up to being very frustrating and unfortunately it has an impact on creativity.

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Copyrights in Video and Music 

In basic terms, copyright laws are a form of legal protection for the original works. It therefore gives the copyright owner, individual or a legal person, the exclusive right to control any exploitation of the work. The main purpose is to encourage creative development of ideas whilst providing a financial benefit to those who have created or produced the work.

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